As Built Surveys

As-built surveys are essential for verifying and documenting the accuracy of a construction project. Performed during and after project completion, these surveys ensure that all work meets high standards of accuracy and conforms to the proposed plans.

Key Differences Between As-Built Surveys and Other Surveys
While land or boundary surveys focus on measuring the boundaries and natural features of a property, as-built surveys specifically track improvements made to the land. These improvements can include structures, utilities, and landscaping elements.

The Role of As-Built Surveys in Construction Initial Planning: Residential construction or improvement projects start with a site plan detailing the location and dimensions of proposed improvements.

During Construction: As-built surveys are conducted to measure ongoing construction work, ensuring it aligns with the site plan.
Depending on the project's size and complexity, multiple surveys may be conducted throughout the construction process.

Completion: A final as-built survey is performed to confirm that all aspects of the project have been constructed correctly and in the right location.

By comparing the as-built survey data to the initial site plan, project managers can ensure compliance with design specifications and identify any deviations that may need correction.

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