Metes and Bounds Descriptions

Metes and bounds are a system used to mathematically describe a property, often referencing streets, waterways, and monumentation. This method is essential for precisely defining property boundaries.

Key Components of Metes and Bounds

Metes: Refers to the measurement of distance.

Bounds: Refers to the direction of the boundaries.

Point of Beginning (POB): A critical feature where the description starts and ends, ensuring the boundary forms a closed loop.

Example of a Metes and Bounds Description
Writing a metes and bounds description requires the expertise of a professional land surveyor.

Here’s a typical example:
"Beginning at a point (POB) on the North side of a Street, North [degrees], [minutes], [seconds] East, a distance to a point or monumentation; thence along an adjoiner. The description continues through various courses and distances, eventually returning to the POB."

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