Expert Testimony for Property Disputes

Property disputes can be complex and contentious. When these disputes cannot be resolved amicably, an independent property survey often becomes necessary. At Shaw Surveying, Inc., we offer expert testimony and surveying services to help resolve such conflicts.

How We Assist in Property Disputes

Independent Surveys: Each party may hire their own surveyor to conduct an independent survey of the property. Our experienced surveyors provide accurate and impartial surveys that can help clarify property boundaries.

Collaborative Resolution: In some cases, both surveyors may work together to settle the dispute by comparing their findings and reaching a mutually agreeable solution. 

Single Surveyor Agreement: Alternatively, both parties may agree to appoint one independent surveyor from Shaw Surveying to conduct the survey and resolve the matter impartially.

For expert testimony and surveying services in property disputes, contact Shaw Surveying, Inc. in New Freedom, PA:

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Let Shaw Surveying help you resolve your property disputes with accuracy and professionalism. Reach out to us today!

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